Bred Cows and Calves


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Horned Cattle Creek always offers a few bred cows for sale. Most of our cows grew up in our roping program and were culled or kept depending on their disposition, speed, and horns. Our cows are up to date on worming and vaccinations. Cows are bred for spring calves and pregnancy checked in the fall. We are also always looking to buy quality bred cows.


Horned Cattle Creek also offers registered Corriente and Corriente crossbred calves for sale. Calves are born in the spring and weaned in the fall. Our pastures, in beautiful Vernon County, consist of a mix of great grassland with rough ridges, cliffs, and spring fed streams. Growing up in this environment makes our calves surefooted, agile, and healthy. Our calves are vaccinated, wormed, castrated, and branded in the fall.


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